Building with ICF's: five construction steps combined in one.

1 1. Base - ARXX ICFs can be built on footings similar to conventional masonry footings, slabs-on-grade or piles. ARXX ICFs can also be easily built on step footings and shallow foundation systems. 2. Walls - ARXX ICFs are solid interlocking modular blocks which have easy-to-reference cut lines on each side. An ARXX ICF saw or drywall saw can be used to easily cut the forms where required for design dimensions. The ARXX walls will rise quickly and efficiently as the blocks are put into place.     3. Windows and Doors - Wood or custom vinyl bucks are used for windows and door openings. 4. Bracing and Scaffolding - Bracing is installed to ensure straight and plumb walls.     5. Reinforcement Steel or Rebar - The unique design of ARXX ICFs allows for easy rebar placement from the most basic rebar schedules to complex reinforcement to provide for resistance to seismic events and high winds. 6. Service Penetrations - Cutting service penetrations is easy when building with ARXX ICFs.  All necessary service penetrations are marked, then cut using an ARXX ICF saw. 7. Concrete - Concrete is poured into the steel reinforced ARXX wall. Pouring concrete can be completed with the use of a concrete pump or crane and bucket. Internal vibration is performed every 16” to 24” on center. The concrete has a moist cure because of the insulation of the forms, increasing the strength of the concrete by up to 25%. 8. Roof - Once the concrete is poured any roof system can be easily installed. 9. Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC Installation - Electrical, plumbing and mechanical chases are easily cut in ARXX ICFs. The EPS foam of an ARXX ICF is cut with a hot knife by the sub-contractor. The HVAC system (which can be scaled down due to the high energy efficiency of the ARXX wall assembly) is also installed at this stage. 10. Interior and Exterior Finishes - Virtually any finish can be directly applied to furring strips on either side of an ARXX ICF wall. Stucco applications can be directly applied to the EPS surface. Additional air and vapor barriers are not required with an ARXX ICF wall because of the inherent nature of ARXX ICFs which act as air and vapor barriers.

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